shadowness4Hello! My name is Petya and I am a freelance graphic artist and illustrator.

Coming from a family of artists and photographers, it was no surprise that I showed an interest in art from a very early age. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. One of my first drawings I can remember was on the living room wall ;). However, in my teenage years I didn’t take art seriously enough to formally study it and I went to study marketing instead. Since I graduated I’ve had several different jobs, none of them remotely linked to art. All that changed in late 2006 when I discovered Photoshop. It opened a whole new world for me and I decided to pursue a career as a digital artist.

My art is a mix between photography and painting, surreal and realism, the reality and my inner world.

I am currently available for commissioned work for CD/DVD covers, book/e-book covers, booklets, artworks on request etc. If you want to hire me for your next project or are interested in licensing any of my personal works don’t hesitate to contact me