The Importance of Positive Backgrounds in Graphic Design

An Incomplete Guide to Positive Backgrounds with Examples

Introduction: What are Positive Backgrounds?

Positive backgrounds are defined as images that have a positive emotional effect on the viewer. They often depict scenes of life that project an optimistic view of living.

Positive backgrounds are usually landscape images with a focus on natural beauty and wildlife, but they can also be motivational quotes and uplifting messages in text form.

Positive backgrounds can be found in many places – for example, they can be used in our homes and offices as wallpapers, or in our libraries to decorate bookshelves and spines.

How You can Use Background Images at Work with 3 Amazing Examples

Background images at work can make you feel happy and creative.

An interesting study found that people who looked at pictures of nature for 25 minutes reported feeling happier and more creative than those who gazed at urban scenes.

The color green seemed to be the winner when it came to giving people a boost of happiness.

3 Go-To Websites to download free (and premium) positive backgrounds

In this section, we will provide a list of the best free stock photo websites with a brief description of their niche and some examples:

1. Unsplash

The first on our list for free stock photos is Unsplash. They have a new set of 10 high-resolution photos every 10 days. All photos are released under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning you can use them anywhere, even commercially, without attribution or links back to the photographer.

2. StockSnap

Next up on our list is StockSnap which also offers beautiful high-quality images that are completely free to use without any attribution whatsoever! In addition to their website they also have an iOS app called “StockSnap Mobile” which you can download from the App Store for free if you would like to access your files quickly

3. Pixabay

The 3rd option in our list is Pixabay — probably the most well known of them all, pixabay is a “go to” option for artists, creators and users alike for years now. if you need to find he best free and usable (as in license) high res photos, this is a great option to start with.

5 Helpful Tips To Achieve The Perfect Business Logo Design

A logo is a symbol that has a visual identity and represents the business. It must be simple and memorable, so that it can be easily recognized by your target audience. A logo is an important part of the business identity and need to be carefully chosen.

A logo design should represent who you are, what you do, and how you feel about yourself.

When developing a logo design for your business, there are some helpful tips you can apply to achieve the perfect outcome:

– Use fonts that are not too complicated or cluttered;

– Avoid using too many different colors;

– Do not try to include too much in one design;

– Make sure it’s simple enough to reproduce when needed;

– Create space around it when designing it on

Background Image Design Tips for Happiness at Work

In the modern business world, a great office interior design is not just a fancy decoration anymore. It can also help increase productivity and creativity of employees as well as improving the overall mood of the office.

In the modern business world, a great office interior design is not just a fancy decoration anymore. It can also help increase productivity and creativity of employees as well as improving the overall mood of the office.

Positive Backgrounds for your Browser

When thinking for work environment, don’t forget your browser. How many hours we spend in the browsers, and how many times today we are opening new pages? Yes, that’s important too. Modern browsers offer highly customizable new-tab and home pages, so you have no excuse to change the boring one with something calming and inspirational, that will make you happier.

3 Examples (and the Best) New-Tab Wallpapers for Chrome Browser:

The background of your browser (just like the wallpaper on your phone) can affect your mood. The best way to make your day better is by visiting the extension store for your browser and install some beautiful wallpaper. Here are our todays 3 examples:

— Positive Wallpapers + Inspirational Quotes for your Chrome New Tab: Install this Quotes New Tab Theme and enjoy a new wallpaper of inspirational and motivational quotes in each new tab you open. It’s the perfect companion for any browser! Stay motivated with every new tab, scroll through the latest Gorgeous hand-picked wallpapers of inspirational quotes. (by

Motivational New Tab – by similar extension with some more motivational quotes and nice imagery. All of these wallpapers are using high-quality stocks mainly from the stock photos sites mentioned above

Mue by is probably the most polished among the similar background apps for Chrome.

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