20 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials

Despite the never ending debate “Is digital art real art”, it’s becoming more and more popular among many artists. The world has changed, we live in a digital era, so it’s quite natural that arts are changing too.

Unlike the traditional artist who uses a paint brush, watercolor, pencil etc, digital artist uses a computer software and hardware for creating artwork. But both traditional and digital arts rely on the same rules such as color theory, perspective, lighting etc.

One of the aspects of digital art is digital painting. It requires the same skills as painting on canvas only the tools are different. And just how the traditional painting is hard to master, it requires a years of hard work and practice for the digital artist to be able to create beautiful and realistic artworks.

In today’s post I’ve hand picked some truly amazing and useful tutorials to help you start with digital painting. Go through them and learn a lot of useful tips and techniques. Have fun and create.

Making of Beauty on the Bed

 How to Paint Clothes and Hair Using Blending Techniques

Making of Where is the Yum Yum?

Learn to Paint Realistic Skin Tones

Making of ‘Equilibrium’

Making of ‘Umbrella Sky’

Making of Three Lines

Making of the ‘Challenger’

Spider Harp

Painting Natalie

Painting Realistic Hands

Making of Red Assassin

Making of ‘Funfair’

Making of ‘Boudicca 3060 A.D.’

Making of ‘Seheiah’

Making Of ‘Transformers Deathblow’

Making of ‘The Leg’

Making of the Pandora

The Abstract Dragon

Painting a Faerie Scene


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  2. painting art always hard to learn for me and some of these help me in this way to learn as beginner. thanks