10 High Resolution Cloud Brushes

Cloud Brushes

Today’s freebie is a set of 10 high-resolution cloud brushes for Photoshop. Brush sizes range from 879px to 2295px. Feel free to use these in your personal and commercial projects. I hope you’ll find them useful. Enjoy!

Cloud Brushes (6.6 MiB, 9775 downloads)

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  1. segubs says:

    Thanks I make some twitter jpeg’s that say: Thanks for Following • Thanks for the RT’s MT’s and Shout Outs. email me I send your some or make you a few. Followed U on Twitter. Thanks for your work, your Twitter page has great type.

  2. simran says:

    how can you download these brushes :s

  3. bogz says:

    nice and thanks a lot..

  4. james says:

    thanks ur awsome

  5. Dona says:

    Thank you so much!

  6. NICHOMAN says:


  7. DJ HIXSON says:

    thanks so much

  8. Connie says:

    Thank you. I look forward to trying them out.

  9. Deb says:

    Awesome brushes. Thx so much! =)

  10. Julie says:

    Thank you! They’re wonderful!!

  11. Kerrie says:

    awesome thanks

  12. Ivan says:

    Thanks, I allways thought I needed a “cloud removal tool” for living in denmark, we have had approx 6 hours of sun and blue sky in all of december..

    Well, enough joking … these brushes are amazing, really good stuff, and a qualified guess is, that they will be part of my standard toolbox.

    Thanks, and also thanks a million for your everlasting series of tips & tricks, it really helps a beginner.

    Thanks for 2011, and happy new year.

    🙂 Ivan

    • Pe says:

      You’re not alone, I think I need that “cloud removal tool” too 🙂 ! I miss the sun so much these days… guess I love clouds only in “brush format”.
      Thank you, and happy new year!

  13. gman says:

    Thanks for the brushes they are great!

  14. MATTER-LAUGT says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing so incredible Brush ! I don’t know if I’ll use it for job, but they’re too much !