Free Fabric Photoshop Pattern

Today’s freebie is a set of 8 fabric Photoshop patterns. The PSD file is included so you can customize the colors yourself.

Fabric Pattern (4.3 MiB, 2427 downloads)

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  1. Gabor says:


  2. Tünde says:

    Very great work!!! thanks a lot!!:) really helped a lot for me!! ^^

  3. Travis says:

    These are really great! You don’t happen to have a tutorial on how to make them do you? I downloaded the psd file and I can see how to easily change the main color but what if I want to change the “fabric” color? Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂

    • Pe says:

      Hi! I’m so glad you like my patterns 🙂 . You could use a layer styles to change the color of the “fabric” layer. Change the blending mode to overly or soft light and then adjust the background color if needed. Also you could try some adjustment layers (hue/saturation, color balance etc). Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  4. Clin says:

    thx for your share

  5. Su Hall says:

    These are really nice! Thank you!


  6. Cheers for the free fabric patterns, they will be very useful for creating digital scrapbook papers.:)

    Thanks Again,


  7. Heidi V. says:

    Great set good useful set of patterns!

  8. Kerrie says:

    Thanks, they great